Rating Federal Judge Nominees

PrawfsBlog cites to a WSJ article on the ABA Commission that rates the Federal Judicial Nominees.

A link is here. The ABA’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary is a rotating group of fifteen lawyers.  It reviews and rates every Article III nominee before confirmation hearings begin.  The Standing Committee conducts confidential interviews of those who have interacted professionally with each nominee, ranging from co-counsel and opposing counsel, to judges before whom the nominee has appeared, to judicial colleagues if the nominee is already in the bench.

I’ve been interviewed several times about the nominations of others.  I found it an interesting process.  You just don’t hear much about it.  David Clark with Bradley Arant was on this Committee at one time.  I’m not sure if Mississippi has representation any more.


The impact of the Criminal Rules

On December 15, 2016, the Supreme Court approved the Mississippi Rules of Criminal Procedure.  They go into effect July 1, 2017.  The Rules can be found HERE.

I have long argued that we need to reduce the number of Rules.  The Supreme Court is looking at how the Criminal Rules affect other Rules.  Clearly, the Criminal Rules will impact the Uniform Rules of Circuit and County Court Practice, the Uniform Rules of Justice Court and the Uniform Rules of Youth Court.

The easy thing for the Supreme Court to do is just do a little surgery on the current Rules in place.  I think it would be a great opportunity to ease the burden on the Bar if we would consolidate some of the Rules — at least the Circuit and Chancery Court Rules. There is simply no reason we cannot reduce the number of rules and make sure all rules are consistent.

This is your opportunity.  If you don’t like the volume of Rules, I encourage the members of the Bar to be vocal about this.  If you don’t, you won’t see any change for the next 20 years.

Maybe this isn’t a problem for lawyers.  I’m interested in your comments and welcome your thoughts about how the Rules could be made more efficient and effective.

Please feel free to comment.