Don’t you love the Fifth Circuit

Here is my new favorite opinion:

 Forum Subsea Rentals v. Tareka A. Elsharhawy, No. 14-20717 F
Before PRADO, SOUTHWICK, and GRAVES, Circuit Judges. EDWARD C. PRADO, Circuit Judge:
Sometimes, in litigating a case, lawyers ought to put themselves in the shoes of the judges before them. Consider the conversation that naturally flows from Appellants’ Petition for Panel Rehearing here:
Judge 1: Did you see Appellants’ petition for rehearing?
Judge 2: No, what do they say?
Judge 3: Well, they begin the petition with a strange hypothetical conversation between a lawyer and client.
Judge 1: I cannot imagine why they thought that was a good idea.
Judge 2: What’s their argument?
Judge 3: They say that we made a mistake by not expressly addressing their personal jurisdiction argument.
Judge 2: That’s silly. It goes without saying that there was personal  jurisdiction here.
Judge 1: I agree. The company reached out to Appellee in Texas, traveled to Texas to negotiate the contract, and entered into a contract with a Texas corporation.
Judge 2: So what do you think we should do about their petition?
Judge 1: Deny it.
Judge 3: I agree. Deny.
Judge 2: Sounds right.

IT IS ORDERED that Appellants’ Petition for Panel Rehearing is DENIED.
Thanks to Above the Law